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Today companies are looking for the fastest and cheapest approach to achieve results. This creates a major issue that is often overlooked in the world of design. Companies lose their identity plain and simple, or worse they never establish an identity in the first place. This causes limited distinction among brands in similar industries. As… Read more »

Responsive web design is a common term used in the online world. By now it has become a standard in developing any website. What seems to be ages ago, websites were never designed for mobile. This left a big gap in the online space once mobile devices began to stream content quickly and efficiently. Developers… Read more »

In today‚Äôs online world, anything and everything is at our fingertips. In the blink of an eye, we have access to all sorts of information or entertainment, more than we could ever need or even want. With so many options available, information with no emotional engagement or intrinsic value to the viewer is quickly set… Read more »